My name is Gavin “Gonzo” Gerundo. I am a visual artist living in Asheville, NC and originally from Cincinnati, OH. Since a young age, I knew I was to become an artist. My journey has lead me in many directions, but ultimately always leads back to creating art. Since honing in my painting skills, I have come to a point where I seek to portray grandiose emotion through the use of totem animals portraying a world of our own, but also far beyond anything we’ve ever imagined. These animal paintings allow the varied and wondiferous creatures of our planet to speak through a visual language to connect us as humans to the world which we occupy in all of its glory. I seek to connect the world to my paintings through live art performances across the country travelling with bands like Papadosio, Aqueous, and Random Rab and dong a number of music festivals each year. Currently, I have been working with my partner in pigment and in life, Mike Hancock, under the moniker “Hanzo” to create the Deeper Depths series already consisting of over 50 original oceanic paintings and our next series, Higher Heights is peaking over the horizon. Come with me, on a journey through a world of fantasy in reality.